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The Road Warrior Guitar Stand

The Road Warrior™ is a rugged, professional grade guitar stand made with lightweight, high performance polycarbonate. Designed to hold the electric guitar, the Road Warrior™ conveniently packs up flat. An over-mold of Thermoplastic Elastomer provides cushioned protection to the finish of the guitar. The Road Warrior™ is now being offered in seven colors – Black, White, Red, Pink, Green, Mystique™ (which changes colors) and Glow-in-the-Dark.
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Introducing the X-Cabinet

Loaded With Vintage 30 Celestions.

* * *

Patent Pending “Plug And Play”
Jack Plate Assembly.

* * *

No Confusing Switch - Inputs At
4/16-Ohm Mono And 8 Ohm Stereo.

* * *

Speakers Have Patent Pending
High Frequency Foam Diffuser.

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Capable of producing tones never before heard by mere mortals, this patented design will articulate every subtlety of your playing with exceptional speed, accuracy, and presence.   No more having notes bouncing around inside a box just to get trampled on by the next string attack.  This cabinet breathes them in and thrusts them out.  The efficiency of the X to convert amplifier signal into sound pressure is unmatched, and is one of the reasons we also call it the decapitator.

Every Vintage 30 Celestion speaker in the array is outfitted with a patent pending high frequency foam diffuser. This exceptional piece of acoustical innovation doesn’t just redirect the evil hiss coming from the center of the speaker, it destroys it. There is no way anyone can mess up mic’ing the X.  When it comes to connecting a power source, we’ve got you covered. 

The X-Cabinet will run at 4 or 16 Ohms mono or 8 Ohms stereo and is one of the very first to have a Plug and PlayTM jack plate installed.  We know what it’s like to look at the back of a cabinet in bewilderment and wonder, “Now where does this switch go”--especially in the dark.  We want you to be able to connect the amp of your choosing and do it with ease.

Like all Old Dog cabinetry, the X-Cabinet is constructed of void free Baltic birch.  That goes for the baffle and back panel too.  The style of vinyl used is easy to clean and will sustain a professional look for years to come.  Polymer corners with recessed fasteners are used to absorb the damage during loading and unloading, unlike steel corners that dent and chip and will tear the paint off anything they slide across.  Cold-formed steel handles flip out and are located for easy lifting.

We’ve logged countless hours of design and testing to bring you one of the most professional pieces of equipment available in the world.  So, if you are ready to make a statement sonically and visually, then you are ready, for the X.

The X-Cabinet is proudly custom made in the U.S.A.

Old Dog's
Modular Speaker System for Guitar

Modular 1x12

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Satisfying the needs of working musicians is the primary mission of Old Dog --- in keeping with that goal, we are proud to offer a state-of-the-art modular speaker system.  The patented Modular Cabinet is a scalable speaker array designed to adapt to any situation.  Whether it is a practice session where you only need a 1X12, or large club venue where a 4X12 presence is appropriate, simply take only the speakers you need.  You end up with one amp and one cabinet, capable of working in every situation.

The Modular Cabinets come in two basic sizes:

  • The first, a ported single twelve loaded with a 16-Ohm Vintage 30.  Even with its compact size, this cab delivers some serious low-end thunder. 

  • The second is a sealed two twelve Vintage 30 equipped cab running at 8-Ohms. 

Every speaker in our Modular series is outfitted with a patent pending high frequency foam diffuser.  This devise eliminates the harsh sound emitted at the speaker center, and does an amazing job of sweetening even the newest speakers.

On the back of every Modular Cabinet is a patented impedance switching jack assembly.  Basically, this jack system allows you to connect to a 4X12 modular array at 4- or 16-Ohm Mono or 8-Ohm Stereo, with any combination of cabinets.  It could be 2-2X12’s, 4-1X12’s, or 1-2X12 and 2-1X12’s, you decide. 

At Old Dog, roadworthiness is a must --- it is the driving force behind the start of this company.  Every Modular Cabinet is constructed completely of void free Baltic birch.  The corners are joined with ¼” box joints and the baffle is dadoed into the side panels.  The vinyl is easy to clean and stacking corners keep the cabinets aligned for easy engagement of the attachment hardware.

If you are tired of having one amp for practice and one amp for play, or just want to be able to take a 4X12 up a flight of stairs by yourself, you will marvel at how you ever lived without Old Dog’s Modular Cabinets.

The arrays are endless!

These modular cabinets are proudly custom made in the U.S.A.

Modular 2x12

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Anywhere in the USA!

Modular Kit