Why Old Dog?

A better question . . . why not Old Dog?

A working musician needs a guitar stand that lives up to its basic function and can take the punishment of road work. I know from experience that there have been no guitar stands on the market sturdy enough to live up to this standard. Metal stands always meet the same death: lying in a heap with screws missing and hinges broken.
The working musician needs a guitar stand as durable as Rock 'n Roll itself. That's why Old Dog created the "Road Warrior" guitar stand. It has no moving parts and is made with tough, lightweight, polycarbonate. "PC" is unrivaled in its ability to stand up to hard knocks. Compact discs, riot shields, safety helmets, traffic lights, mobile phones, and headlamp lenses are all typical applications for polycarbonate.

And now a guitar player can have a choice other than black or chrome, because Old Dog stands come in a variety of colors for you to express yourself. Leading guitar manufacturer, Paul Reed Smith, says, "In my opinion, Old Dog has created a durable guitar stand that has been needed for years."

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